Bon Vivant: (n) a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink.


AlisonMarriottAlison Marriott, Owner & Founder of Bon Vivant DC

Wine is inherently tied to the bon vivant’s enjoyment of the good life.  It is often a component to the most festive and memorable life occasions.  However, it needn’t be limited to weddings and fancy galas, and it certainly doesn’t have to be stuffy! Often the most memorable events in life are evenings spent in the company of good friends, good food, and a bottle of wine on the back porch or gathered around the fireplace.

Wine should be about enjoying life, right down to the last drop! I have found that the more I learn about wine, the more I enjoy it.

Alison is proud to be a part of the #winelover community, serving as the Wine and Lifestyle Specialist.

It is my hope that through Bon Vivant DC’s wine tasting and events, I will help you expand your own knowledge and enjoyment of wine, thereby enhancing life’s most festive occasions- whether they take place at wine tastings, wedding days or on your very own back porch.