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Joining the Bandwagon

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I am not what you would call an “early adopter”.  Recovering technophobe might actually be a more appropriate term.

But wine apps are all the rage these days, and enough of my readers and clients use them that I thought it was high time I finally took the plunge to see what all the fuss was about.

As of last week, I became a featured user on Vivino wine app- the largest in the world.  I’m still getting the hang of all of the advanced features, but so far I’ve found it to be really user friendly (a must!).  It’s been a great tool to track wines that I enjoy with some simple tasting notes in a matter of minutes.

bottlessIf you are  looking to keep track of the wines you enjoy, I’ve found it to be far more efficient than my old “snap a label shot” method since they are all kept tidily in one spot…not so with my photo stream since I can get a little snap happy!

Oh yes, and it’s FREE to join.

Follow me on Vivino at “Bon Vivant” to see what I’m currently sipping!

Do you use a wine app?  If so, which one?



*This post was NOT sponsored by Vivino.

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Golf Cart Vineyard Tours & More!

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Check out my latest post on Virginia Wine in my Pocket’s blog in which I covered my recent visit to Stone Tower Winery.  I had a lovely time and was lucky enough to check out bud break up close and personal.

Bud break in VA wine country

Bud break in VA wine country

As much time as we all spend shopping for wine and enjoying the fruits of a winemaker’s labor, it’s so interesting to get a behind the scenes look at the vine to bottle process- and this is precisely what Stone Tower offers its guests- in a golf cart led tour, no less!

wine barrel room

Head on over to Nancy’s site to read more about my time at this trailblazing winery and check out other fantastic posts in her learning issue.

I first met Nancy, an authority on the VA wine scene, at Frank Morgan‘s Annual Sparkling wine tasting. The VA wine world is a small one, and I enjoy running into (and drinking wine with) Nancy at various Virginia wine events.

Enjoying VA wine with Nancy at last week's Great Grapes of Loudoun event.

Enjoying VA wine with Nancy at last week’s Great Grapes of Loudoun event.

In addition to her blog, Nancy has created an essential app for all VA wine fans- VA Wine in My Pocket. It’s currently the only app offering a comprehensive and interactive guide to navigating your way through Virginia’s wine country. It includes information on Virginia wineries, wine trails, nearby inns, dining, and GPS mapping (let’s face it, who hasn’t gotten lost on those country roads?!)

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So the next time you’re planning a visit to Virginia’s Wine Country give Nancy’s app a try!  It will be a great help when you inevitably get lost in the backwoods.

Have you visited Stone Tower Winery?  Do you have a favorite wine app? Do tell!


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