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Tried and Trues

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My Desert Island Wine

As much as I encourage people to try new wines, we all have our favorites- the ones that we come back to again and again.  Occasionally, I’ll be updating the blog with reviews of some my own tried and trues, many of which you may notice popping up on the Bon Vivant DC facebook “Currently Sipping” album from time to time!

A recent interview with a vintner introduced me to the concept of a “desert island wines”- the one wine that you couldn’t live without if you lived out the rest of your days in isolation.  And so, I think it only appropriate to start this series with one of my top contenders: AN2.


This is the wine we pull out when invited to a dinner party or when we have friends over.  Or, often,  just because! I’ve never served it to anyone that didn’t love it- in fact, usually there’s a fight over the last dregs of the bottle!

From the Spanish island of Mallorca, this medium bodied red is comprised of lesser known varietals: old vine Callet, Mantonegre, Fogoneu and Syrah fermented in a combination of stainless steel and concrete.  It’s then aged for 13 months in a combination of French barriques and American oak.

This wine balances earthy and fruity notes in perfect harmony, resulting in an elegant wine that’s both easy drinking and nuanced. There are spicy notes, in addition to a light smokiness to balance out the bright fruit notes- most notably raspberry and cherry. Its medium body and high acidity make it intensely food friendly, and it goes well with a variety a of dishes.

We’ve paired it with everything from charcuterie, to pork, red meat, and have enjoyed more than our fair share sans food.

It’s generally priced around $25 at area retailers, and worth every penny!

What are some of your “tried and trues” that you come back to again and again?

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  1. Loved the post Alison, dying to try this wine! Any tips on how to track down where specific wines are sold in a particular area like say, Phoenix? Or for sites to buy wine online? Keep the recommendations coming!

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